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Powerful and easy to use. Boost sales and increase the productivity of your team.

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Mobile App

Our integrated mobile app features:


  • Customers, leads and prospects.

  • Find clients near your location

  • View timelines, activities and task

  • Voice to text notes

  • Create and view quotes

  • Daily, weekly & monthly activity calendar

  • Capture timesheets, leave & expenses

  • Track your daily travel


CRM Features

CRM Customers


  • User friendly interface.

  • Log calls & set reminders.

  • Send emails.

  • Customer history.

  • Track leads and follow-ups.

CRM leads

Generate Leads

  • Generate new leads through online enquiry forms.

  • Any new enquiry will generate a new lead in the CRM.

CRM pipeline

Sales Pipeline

  • Easily customisable pipelines.

  • Create your own sales process flow.

  • Streamlined view of your sales.

  • Focus on the right things at the right time!

CRM Activity calendar


  • Shared activity calendars.

  • Your whole team is in the loop.

  • Automate recurring activities and repetitive tasks. 

  • Helps your sales team to spend more time on selling.

CRM Quotes


  • Quote pipeline.

  • Auto reminders.

  • Multiple currencies & price lists.

  • Quote templates.

mobile CRM

Mobile App

  • Integrated mobile app.

  • Easily capture new leads.

  • Manage your customers, sales, appointments and activities on the go.

CRM Activity calendar


  • Automate your day, save time

  • Track tasks and customers.

  • Improve customer relationships

  • calendar, contact, forecasting, task management, and reporting functionality

CRM Quotes


  • Set goals

  • Measure progress against specific goals and objectives.

  •  See how important KPIs and metrics are performing against their targets

  • KPI Dashboards and KPI Reports

mobile CRM


  • Interactive notifications

  • Real-time

  • Quick-view in notification bar

  • Open pop-ups of the actions


With tracking, KPI's, workflow & mobility, your team is better equipped to reach their targets.

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Sales Pipeline

  • View your leads and deals in our intuitive pipeline view.

  • Drag & drop your leads between status.

  • See total leads & value by status.

  • Setup your own sales workflow.

  • Manage expiry times for each status, and get notified when they expire.

CRM activity


  • Shared activity calendars.

  • Automated recurring activities and repetitive tasks. 

  • Call Logs.

  • Actions.

  • Appointments.

CRM Quotes


With a quote pipeline, auto reminders, multiple currencies, price lists and quote templates. Quoting doesn’t get any easier than this.

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Great looking quotes with the ability to add images, and choose from optional stationary for each quote. 

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Paperless Quoting

When you send your quotes, each customer will receive a personalised email with a link to view their quote online.

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Accept Quotes Online

Your customers can accept your quote online, including terms & conditions, without having to print, download or install anything.


  • Get a consolidated view of all your info & interactions for each customer.

  • Multiple contacts per customer.

  • Activity Reports.

  • Addresses.

  • Quotes.

  • Documents.

CRM Customers

Generate new leads through online enquiry forms. Any new enquiry will automatically generate a lead in the CRM.

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