Jobs & Field Service

Quote, plan, track and invoice your jobs in one place

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Field Services Features

Tablet App

  • Android based tablet app.

  • No need to print job cards or invoices.

  • View all job and customer info.

  • Edit, add and complete jobs on your tablet.

Services Tracking

  • Track your team with geo-location tracking.

  • Monitor job check-in with Job Tracker.


  • Take pictures related to your job while checked in.

  • Link photos to jobs and upload to the cloud.


  • Setup customised checklists for each job type.

  • Checklists are completed and saved on every job.

Customer Signature

  • Customers can sign off each job on the tablet.

  • Digital signature stored as part of the job history.


  • Plan and schedule jobs for your whole team.

  • View and schedule jobs in a shared calendar.

  • Setup automatically recurring jobs.

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Improved Customer service

  • Effective help desk management.

  • Case management and tracking.

  • Fault logging.

  • Tracking of all completed jobs from cases (tickets)

  • Status flow.

  • Escalation management & Auto Notifications.

  • Customers are able to access ticket informaton through a web interface or via email.

  • Shortened resolution times.

All your service info in one place

  • No need to print Job cards with our web interface and Mobile App.

  • Less time spent phoning your team to find out what is happening.

  • Job status & status log.

  • Address.

  • Stock.

  • Photos.

  • Documents.

  • Email log.

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Tablet App

Our Android tablet app means that you no longer need to print your job cards or invoices.


  • View all of your job & customer info.

  • Add stock items used on a job.

  • Capture time spent on a job.

  • Create checklists.

  • Take photos.

  • Get a customer signature.

  • Generate an invoice.


Integrated Stock control

Required stock can be allocated per job, allowing for simple and effective tracking of costs and helping to prevent stock loss

Reporting tools and Dashboards

With a one stop dashboard for your reports and tools, your monthly admin will be reduced and streamlined.

This also allows your team to stay on top of jobs worked on, as well as any completed or new jobs in the pipeline.

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All companies run jobs in their own unique way, because of this our jobs module is tailored to be effective and practical to you.


We don’t believe in forcing customers to fit our mold, but rather work around them to help find processes that bring the best out of their business.


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