Support Process

Support Ticket Created

Client sends a detail query to

Fusion Software Responds with a ticket reference number

Ticket Assigned

Fusion Software Ticket administrator reviews ticket and current account status

Fusion Software Ticket administrator assigns it to the appropriate department – Notification sent to client

Ticket Processed

Ticket goes into the Fusion Software Support queue based on query and client type (SLA vs Ad-Hoc)

Once the ticket is resolved its moved into a QC Status

Ticket Completed

Ticket reviewed and completed – Notification sent to client

Services covered by:

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Service Level Agreement

This money goes towards Fusion’s infrastructure, resources and systems to manage your support calls.


Pre-paid hours purchased will be used for: Changes, new requests, enhancements, training etc.

The benefits of an SLA include:

Discounted rates up to 20%.


24-hour email support


Free help desk support for up to 15 minutes. Unresolved issues will be escalated to a consultant.


Online Portal to view all tickets logged to easily manage service levels (i.e. number of calls, logged by, responsible consultant, duration, etc.)


Quarterly meetings to discuss:

a) Open calls

b) Service levels

c) Open quotations

d) Projects

e) Recon of hours

FREE training assessments


Guaranteed response & escalation times.


“Dedicated” service consultant.


Rental or Annual License

This money goes to the research and development teams of Fusion to develop new features, functionalities and technology upgrades of your software.

Did you know?

You can also vote for features you wish for being prioritized up the rank for new releases.


Please get in contact with us for more information


Your license subscription includes:


New releases notifications.


New releases of software - free of charge. Defined bug or error fixes - free of charge

Please take note:


If you choose not to renew, your subscription lapses and you will no longer have access to new releases or updates. If your installed software becomes older than 2 releases, it becomes 'unsupported' and may also not be supported by new operating systems or related software such as Excel. Future upgrades also becomes problematic due to differences in the software. Fusion does not support outdated software.


To become current again, there are re-instatement fees equal to the fees you would have otherwise paid. Any other work will be quoted for.

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